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With an increasingly hostile and evolving Internet security threat landscape conventional security techniques are becoming more and more redundant when it comes to securing your sensitive data.

Building security into your business and IT processes, including your technology infrastructure has never been more critical in today’s environment.

Gemsys Solutions thinks about the security of your network everyday. We understand that not only do you need to protect your organisation, but you need the tools available to provide you with the visibility and reporting functionality to justify your decisions and costs to management.

Every organisation has a different security posture and risk profile to take into account, so delivering a tailored network security solution that meets the immediate needs of your business, whilst providing scalability and flexibility so there is room for the solution to grow with your business is always kept top of our mind.



Whatever your business security needs,Gemsys Solutions can provide proactive network security monitoring, maintenance and management. You can rest assured and be confident in the fact that we only partner with a small number of elite security vendors, and only support brands that are recognised, tried and trusted by the market.


Gemsys Solutions provide IT network services in Australia to connect your staff and business systems securely so that you can stay focused on your business:


Today, enterprises are blind to APTs, zero-day threats, advanced malware and encrypted attacks that bypass traditional and perimeter-based prevention technologies.

A new, modern security strategy is needed to address the rising risk of targeted attacks.


Designing and implementing efficient security systems and processes to protect your business from unwanted intrusions is in our DNA from the outset. Our Security Architects carry the highest levels of certifications across a select number of the world’s most trusted security vendors and will work with you to identify and address areas of security risk and exposure. A wide-ranging set of services, from evaluation and assessment of customer security right through to design and implementation of a new solution, is available.


Some of Australia’s largest brands trust us with securing their network, be it Australia’s largest Sports Broadcaster to the largest online payments facilitator.

Deepen your defenses with a lifecycle approach.

The Heartbleed virus and the Target data breach are recent reminders of a harsh reality:


Advanced threats are evolving just as fast as security technology. To stay a step ahead, you need a comprehensive, next-generation approach to web security that integrates security policies and technologies across the enterprise, harnesses intelligence to detect and address the most critical threats, and provides the insight needed to quickly resolve targeted attacks.


Simply put, you need Business Assurance Technology—so you can keep the upper hand against attacks and transform fear into business empowerment.

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